1st Jan 2010: This project has not been updated since 2007. The team behind Relo is actively developing the vision at Architexa.


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About Us

The Relo project is built as part of the Haystack project in collaboration with the User Interface Design Group. This project aims at taking a user-centered approach at helping users understand large information spaces. Our current work has focused on software developers needs.

Principal Investigators

David Karger, MIT CSAIL Professor

Rob Miller, MIT CSAIL Professor

Core Developers

Vineet Sinha, PhD Candidate

Elizabeth L Murnane, S.B. Candidate


Community contributions to the project are greatly appreciated. We want to recognize code contributions and great feedback of those that have helped improve Relo: Benedict Heal, Cyrus Kalbrener, Emerson Murphy-Hill, and Richard Nemec. Help on problems from Kevin Wilkinson, Daniel Tunkelang, and Randy Hudson are greatly appreciated.

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