1st Jan 2010: This project has not been updated since 2007. The team behind Relo is actively developing the vision at Architexa.


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Supporting exploration of large information spaces

The Relo project aims to helps users explore and understand portions of large information spaces. It demonstrates the power of a number of ideas including:

  • Relationship based approach: When the amount of information that needs to be understood gets large, then available relationships in the information get important.

  • Not showing everything: As simple as it might sound: a core principle of Relo is to show the bare minimum amount of information, to minimize cognitive overhead.

Software domain: With the software domain being a source of large amounts of densely-connected information, Relo focuses on the software domain (and in particular Java projects). Relo tries to solve the program comprehension problem and uses intuitive UML-like diagrams to provide browsing through different perspectives of the codebase.

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