1st Jan 2010: This project has not been updated since 2007. The team behind Relo is actively developing the vision at Architexa.


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29th Mar 2007 (r6802)
  • Usability improvement:
    • Orders of actions are shown better in the Relo view
    • Better integration of Relo view into perspectives
    • Relo shows a menu when there are more than 3 items on a Nav Bud
    • Double clicking now opens item in the editor, context menu needs to be used to open item in Embedded Editor
    • Hiding method return types (and context) by default
    • Added item in linked mode is now selected in the Relo view if it was already there
    • Showing navigation buds for method overrides
  • Minor bug fixes, logging, and code cleanup
  • Graph Layout Rule fixes
  • Improved parsing of all java output files
  • Improved Java syntax support:
    • support for method params whose type is a not a top level type
    • support for method params which have generic types
    • support for anon inner classes
    • support for 'anon' methods


4th Mar 2007 (r6448)
  • Minor bug fixes, improved logging, and code cleanup
  • Showing errors in saved relo diagrams
  • Improvements to graph layout engine
  • Making Relo available as a view, with support for undo/redo
  • Support for remove all items from Relo


23rd Jan 2007 (r6004)
  • Minor bug fixes, improved logging, and code cleanup
  • Improved support for parsing jar files
  • Rewritten graph layout engine


12th Dec 2006 (r5730)
  • Minor bug fixes, improved logging, and code cleanup
  • Created testing plugin
  • Added support for nav aids for multiple selection and removal
  • Project specific properties page for selecting additional jars to build


28th Nov 2006 (r5545)
  • Minor bug fixes, improved logging, and code cleanup
  • Support for default packages
  • Support for showing items without context (fully qualified name) via option in preference pane


23rd Oct 2006 (r5292)
  • Minor bug fixes, improved logging, and code cleanup
  • Improved support for finding and parsing jar files (also thanks to Richard Musiol for recommending fix)


31st Aug 2006 (r4943)
  • Bug Fixes: Minor fixes related to the new parser


28th Aug 2006 (r4895)
  • Faster: Build dependencies from binaries (thanks for contrbutions from Cyrus Kalbrener)
  • Usability Improvements: Improved layout, support for connecting to all projects on startup, improved icons, feedback form.


20th Jan 2006 (r3424)
  • New Features:
    • Relo tracks your navigation while using the traditional IDE. If you get 'lost' while exploring the code, go to the menu select Navigate > Open Relo Session... and select the appropriate path to create a visualization
    • Query previews, and context menu for showing more items
  • Faster: Optmized backend database indexing (in Sesame) for improved perfermance
  • Lighter: Fixes to ensure Relo uses less memory
  • Usability Improvements: Added undo support for all actions, Improved layout and animation support
  • Numerous Bug Fixes. Including fixes needed when running Eclipse on Linux.
  • Thanks to Emerson Murphy-Hill for bug fixes.


11th Sept 2005 (r2642)
  • UI Improvements: Can't start browsing on a java project, tooltips on handle buttons, handles are 'instantiated', on linked exploration declared method is opened, from Relo code can be opened in IDE.
  • Layout improvements: Nodes can be moved outside of containers for container resizing.
  • Editor is never dirty now, this removes annoying save messages and allows to quickly execute, but may disable saving - need a better solution.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


29th August 2005 (r2493)
  • Added support for linked editing: toolbar button to link/track browsing in any possible workbench, and support for opening empty Relo sessions.
  • Improved Performance: added properties as cached values to prevent need for reverse lookup (using for getting method signatures, geting parent element, and checking if there is a called/inherited/referenced element on the current element); removed dead code and code being called mutliple times when not needed
  • Improved Update Management: added automatic downloading of gef/draw2d plugins; automatic updgrades repository on update
  • Improved Java Parser (RDF integration): fixed edge cases such as getting jdt Java elements when there are multiple packages with the same name in the project
  • Improved logging framework: Framework outputting to the runtime eclipse console if needed, and has imrpved output to the source console
  • Interface improvements: added types on field names; added more relationships for browsing in the context menu; layout engine improvmenets such as rescaling of large forces/steps and fixing/unfixing of nodes being moved by the user/being moved because of no space; removed agents from the context menu for release builds; Clicking on handles leads to a default selection level of queries versus the previous inferred


3nd August 2005 (r2305)
Minor bug fix (+ internal improvements: better logging and handles updating)


2nd August 2005 (r2285)
Bug Fixes
  • Backend: cleaned (removed and refactored) code; improved logging architecture
  • Interface: allowing cancelling autobrowsing; provide labels on relationships; improved direct editing of annotations (edit on creation and double click); named relationships can now be have source/targets change; builder runs automatically when browsing is requested and Relo has not connected; more menu is hidden when there are no more.
  • Fixed bugs: editor closes properly when any parent is closed; +/- signs are updated correctly; edits are saved properly the editorlet; more complete JLS3 support (convert method signatures properly; deal with embedded types; convert ids consistently); count on the more menu is correct even when nodes are removed; relationships are removed when parent are removed; methods can no longer be moved and not relayed out properly.


22nd July 2005 (r2093)
Incremental Exploration Support (moved to simile repository)
  • Moved backend from Jena to Sesame
  • Support for autobrowsing
  • Reading/Writing support for annotations (comments and named relationships)
  • There is a small bug in Relo causing it to currently only work with one Java project.


2nd May 2005 (r5074)
Minor fixes - pre repository migration.


2nd May 2005 (r4954)
Graph layout and Annotation Support
  • Support for named relationships
  • Support for comments
  • Support for automatically removing relationships when a node is removed
  • Fixed graph layout:
    • Old cells have infinite resistance (to force laws)
    • Bug: Fixed center of currently selected item on the screen (rest of the graph moves)
    • Parent asserter sets default positions to be the same as the child artifact view
    • Bug: Fixed animation to animate connections as well as figures
    • Support for measuring distances between edges of cells (instead of from the center)


14th March 2005


14th March 2005


4th March 2005
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